Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive

So I, uh, finally watched Mulholland Drive and what the fuck.

David Lynch is just amazing, nobody else could've even thought to create this movie. There is and always will be only one David. Apart from mystery of course, Mulholland Drive is a film I struggle to put into a genre other than simply surrealism. It's a surreal nightmare - the whole picture feels like a spaced out dream - where every member of cast and every crew member are in on Lynch's vision, in on his joke perhaps. Naomi Watts and Justin Theroux are particularly excellent here.

The pacing...I mean what can I say? It's bloody crazy, which brings me back: nobody but Lynch could've made this movie ... it was completely unintentional but I saw this on his birthday too - a wholesome and fitting coincidence <3 ... it's going back and forth in time, alternating between the concious and subconcious and even brings things back in a full loop. My mindset as of right now is that it's best not to overthink the meanings and reasons for this, this strikes me as a common theme with Lynch, but I certainly need to rewatch this and focus on aspects with more specifity. All I know right now is that the film is a weird and wonderful experience and shows an almost hypnotic portrayal of a young, ambitious spirit finding the more red truth of the Hollywood she's getting into.
I absolutely loved this, it left me confused and my mouth ajar like all great movies. I guess it's time to watch Twin Peaks and not stop halfway through this time!


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