Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

"The train is out of the station..."

Second viewing, and of course the second time I loved it. It's an ultimate chill-out movie that even made me feel a little drunk towards the end, particularly with a ridiculously high Brad Pitt.
On my first viewing, despite knowing it was a fairly uneventful Tarantino I think I was still waiting for something to happen, often subconsciously. Cars would rev into frame or musical queues would give the impression of tension but at the end of the day, nothing does happen...and I love this so much. It's a slice-of-life on these characters, some real and some fictional - felt like a mix between The Big Lebowski and Seven Psychopaths (sorta) - and not only this but when something huge does happen, it completely goes against the truth of the situation in 1969 and alternates history completely. I think this movie has pissed a few peeps off while doing the exact opposite to others, such as myself, where they can't do anything but smile during the full 161 minutes.

Definitely wanted more Sharon Tate though - her scene in the cinema was one of my favourite parts and I think she is seen too much for a side character and too little for a lead.

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