Quite the picture.

It is very good, and a (large) step-up from Antiviral for Brandon Cronenberg, who is clearly a twisted individual - there seems to lie a deeper theme here, projected onto Christopher Abbott's portrayal, of a brutal downhearted kinda acceptance that ones self is not normal and doesn't fit in, and it felt rather autobiographical; this temporarily took me back to my depressed self-hating days.
On top of this lingering tone of moody punch-guttery there is a high level of disgust to be had here, and it's spread out for the audience to see every inch - so much blood-fucking gore told with mindblowing practical effects (David taught well) that are a boiling struggle to forget. Fuck.

Much like Brandon's debut, the casting here is magnificent, with some amazing names on this: leads Christopher Abbott and Andrea Riseborough are both outstanding actors with highly prolific work, and Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tuppence Middleton and Sean Bean are all here too. Brilliant cast - the acting is, of course, never a problem. The characters are embodied to the point of what looks to be perfection.
🎲 The visuals are truly terrorizing, with abrasive yet stunning colour palettes that widen my eyes once again (deep red on pale white just for one example | Antiviral had the same brilliance) and some uses of framing that lets you know it's there but only in a way to deliberately signify importance. Some quickfire montages really steal the show though in flickering images at your face without giving you much time to digest them (which seems to be a more popular technique in cinema nowadays).
A great musical score accompanies all of this, performed and composed by Jim Williams who previously did the great music for Raw, and I'm eagerly awaiting for this record to release so I can stream the shit out of it!

All in all, a really unnerving but pleasant surprise and a movie that has really peaked my interest in whatever Brandon Cronenberg decides to do next. Just can't get enough of those palettes 😩

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