Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby

One of the few truly terrifying movies out there in the world of horror.
Some won't call this anything more than a psychological thriller because of the lack of any particular hyper-aggression or specific scares, but I tend to see Rosemary's Baby as horror in its truest form; the whole run time is one vast scare, one that gradually nosedives nearer to hell as every second ticks by.

I have no idea how he achieves such a successive attack on the audience, but Roman Polanski found a way to disturb me, truly disturb me and how I now see people close to me. It's something the more recent Hereditary done to me; it's as if the movie heavily exhaled a spell on me. Maybe it's how Polanski makes the central couple a very realistic one in the first two thirds but I connected and related to this movie, in an extremely deep and peculiar way in which I can't explain in words...and That is what makes the terror true and inescapable. It is part of my psychology now, I can't unsee it.

Mia Farrow is ridiculously believable here, and gives one of the best lead performances I have ever seen in a horror movie. She spirals out of control, out of control of her baby. Supporting intrusions from John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon and Sidney Blackmer are outstanding too, and on top of the sweat-inducing tightrope cinematography and editing, is one of the main contributions to the genius of this classic 60's picture.
Polanski's direction is perfect. It seems he really knew what he was doing here, and manages to make an emotional thriller, one that knaws away at the glass lightbulbs within our heart, slowly blackening it; the script is like an aggressive cult trying to rip out my emotion, empathy, care and love, all my positive attributes torn away from me and tossed out the window, eventually drawing me towards the one and only Satan.

[guys, I seem to be really drawn to films about Satan, Hell and Cults. Whatever this says about me is worrying, but if you have any movie recommendations that fit the bill, please leave them below 👇]

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