Under the Silver Lake

"How's work?"

Without a purpose, there's not much to do except dawdle through town. Sticking your middle finger up to job centres but stalking sex. Spying on girls through the lens of binoculars with a growing sex drive that's big enough to destroy the world.

What's the first thing you masturbated to?
Sticky curiosity sends him on a wild adventure, but is it so wild for him? Who knows? It's a cartoonish set of events which starts with a "dog killer" lurking the streets, and leads to...well, uh, lots more.

The perfectly casted Andrew Garfield absolutely kills this role, and he does a lot in this movie. Punches kids in the face, runs around naked (a lot), you name it and I bet he does it!
Alongside Kurt Cobain and a picture of a literal girl next door, he embarks on a quest through magic mushrooms, an iconic balloon girl and many suicidal thoughts.

I personally loved this movie. I had an unbeliveable amount of fun and them 140 minutes flew by! The cinematography and score are so unique, and really make for a great combination in a film which tip-toes between different genres and definitely reinvents something.

Aimlessly wild.
This movie smells like teen spirit, and it reeks! I suppose there are a lot of skunks around here though.

Under the Silver Lake is so aware that it has no purpose (just like the main character), that it becomes one of my favourites of the year for sure.

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