"We're Americans."

I deeply adore Get Out. I have no trouble calling it one of my favourite films from this decade and one of my favourite thrillers of all time. I loved the blend of terror and comedy, which is something that has been carried into this one too. This collision of light and dark is nowhere near the genius of its use in Get Out but it's still great in my opinion; at first, I wasn't sure about it but then I found myself smiling at it throughout the film, so I personally enjoyed this aspect and it's certainly a huge part of this movie's DNA. Because of this juxtaposing mood, I once again can't call this a horror film and honestly, I dig the ambiguity of the genre. All I can say is that it is definitely Jordan Peele!

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There's tonnes of ambition in Us, which I respect, but it falls into the trap of feeling like a pile of ideas rather than a cohesive story. Peele has stated time and time again that he often attempts to create something iconic, which I think shows here but not in a good way. The whole thing definitely tries to be iconic as opposed to actually being iconic. Also, Unlike Peele's debut, the overload of symbolism and foreshadowing isn't all that likeable here, and with that there's also a fair share of expository dumps too. I don't know, none of the scenes seem to hold hands with one another and instead work more on their own - this is a surprisingly forgettable film.

Lupita Nyong'o gives a fantastic performance that just can't go unmentioned and the film as a whole is hella enjoyable; it really is...but I still feel like I should've liked this more due to my admiration for Jordan Peele and because I literally have depersonalization disorder, something that fits strongly with the themes and messages of this film, but there wasn't much more than a few golden moments in my opinion. It has the best use of N.W.A. I've ever seen in a film yet other scenes felt super underwhelming to me. It has some brilliant moments and it has some genuinely poor moments. It very well might be like a Madlib album in that through its mess, it holds something special...and if that is true, I need at least one more viewing to find out what that speciality is.

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