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  • School Daze

    School Daze

    "WAKE UP!!!"

    I liked a lot about this: the performances, the brilliantly fun musical numbers ❤️, the well handled racial politics - From the wonderful She's Gotta Have It and now this, I can certainly say I love the energy to Spike Lee's earlier work.
    I guess, as a whole, the full two hours of this didn't totally grab me though, unfortunately.
    Still worth a watch If you want to see young, enthusiastic Laurence Fishburnes and Giancarlo Espositos in college though.

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin

    Perhaps some of my favourite cinematography ... ever - I absolutely love how amateur and D.I.Y it feels. Everything about this movie was inspiring to me to be honest and I'm just shocked I hadn't seen this sooner. Loved the shit out of this film.

  • Irma Vep

    Irma Vep

    It's a film that got better and better the more I thought about it afterwards. I was too busy trying to figure out whether I was liking the movie or not during most of the run time that I was completely missing the fact that I was pretty much loving what Olivier Assayas had given me here, haha crazy subtle stuff that is also somehow not subtle whatsoever.
    Irma Vep is to be seen - I won't try to explain…

  • Vertigo


    Yeah this is really good really great it's good yeah - uhh, Vertigo is a great film, with the first hour or so in particular blowing my socks off - it does tire a little after that I think but this is a really good film yes and a great picture to watch sure thing yeah yes.

  • She's Gotta Have It

    She's Gotta Have It

    Really enjoyed this! Loved how amateur it felt - that really lent itself to its exuberance I think, and Spike Lee's charm really shines beyond the director chair here, and not just because he plays a lovable main character either - there's a particular persona that this picture possesses, one of both energy-driven youth and liberal romance, and it's a beautiful debut feature.

  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Never-ending heartbreak.

    Watched this a day after finishing (seasons one and two of) Twin Peaks, a show that just means so much to me at the moment (and always will) - While drastically different and more intense than the show, this is a perfect closure. It's just tears from beginning to end; tremendously heartbreaking.
    I'm actually typing this after just finishing The Missing Pieces, the feature-length collection of deleted (and extended) scenes that David put together several years ago (which…

  • Eraserhead


    "Can I spend the night here?"

    Well, here we are. I've gone back to the man's cinematic beginning. I'm in a Lynch phase right now, I find him very inspiring, and while I'm closing in on completely season two of Twin Peaks I wanted to watch Eraserhead, I just really wanted to. The first film I've watched in about 20 days now and I feel I've returned with more to think and say about the movies I'm seeing - so…

  • A Florida Melancholy

    A Florida Melancholy

    Rest in peace to a huge inspiration of mine. Eli and I talked a bunch on Letterboxd, Vimeo and Youtube - mostly in the comment sections of his art. I particular remember our mutual obsession with Alex Garland's Annihilation where we would both repeat watch it more than once a day on average and would come to each other's reviews and just share love with one another - that was kinda the start to our more regular communication but really…

  • The Celebration

    The Celebration

    Literally a perfect film. Intense, avant-garde and just unforgettable.

  • The Assistant

    The Assistant

    Another terrific 2020 release. Saw this on the same day as the great Possessor and one good thing to look to during these times is while big studio films are being delayed smaller ones are getting more attention because of it and films like The Assistant deserve this to say the least.

    Somehow gritty and non-stop engaging despite the obvious lack of plot here - it's essentially one day at the office for this busy assistant, played brilliantly by Julia…

  • Possessor


    Quite the picture.

    It is very good, and a (large) step-up from Antiviral for Brandon Cronenberg, who is clearly a twisted individual - there seems to lie a deeper theme here, projected onto Christopher Abbott's portrayal, of a brutal downhearted kinda acceptance that ones self is not normal and doesn't fit in, and it felt rather autobiographical; this temporarily took me back to my depressed self-hating days.
    On top of this lingering tone of moody punch-guttery there is a high…

  • Europa


    Lars Von Trier is a forward thinker, and probably a genius. This movie is so perfect and now the third from Lars that has impacted me in such a huge way. There's just so much care put into this and from the first seconds - where Max Von Sydow is hypnotising you (literally, "on the count of ten you will be in Europa") with his distinct narration - to the very end - where you're left rather depressed, cynical and…