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  • The World in His Arms

    The World in His Arms

    In middle school my friend showed me this porno where a guy goes, “fast cars, fast girls, it’s what I’m about, and I can take you there.” Replace cars with schooners and it’s the marketing campaign for World in his Arms. Weigh this film against others by director Raoul Walsh (White Heat, an undisputed classic, or even They Drive by Night, a lean and mean George Raft vehicle) and it looks like a completely unremarkable studio assignment, nothing more. Upon…

  • Spawn


    Growing up in the late 90s with a taste for the macabre, Spawn was the height of coolness. By virtue of my illiteracy Spawn comics couldn’t be enjoyed, premium cable channel hosting the animated series wasn’t yet a tv room amenity for our young family, even my eldest sibling, to say nothing of the twerp only two years above me, wouldn’t have been permitted to see the film, so no osmosis from their retelling. My exposure came about rather obliquely,…

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  • House of 1,000 Dolls

    House of 1,000 Dolls

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    We open with a coffin, which calls to mind the innumerable deaths resulting from China Virus. Yes, not even movie magic provides respite from the dread brought about by this pestilence that targets, in many cases, quadriplegic POC femmes, as noted in a rather brave call-to-arms post that's circulating. The sole criterion by which sophisticates like me judge a movie is called 'visual storytelling ability,' and 'Dolls' is lacking there. A naturally beautiful pink sky at dusk and a handsomely…

  • Centipede Horror

    Centipede Horror

    A rental that, in small way, supports American genre film archive and drafthouse.... I’m doing my part, give me a parade already 

    Carol Clover, Eugene Thacker—you bother reading these academics seriously interrogate horror, but when the rubber meets the road and you’re writing a consumer review of the centipede vomit movie, it’s nothing but the same vacant mindedness. ‘Trippy visuals’ as my stoner brother likes to say, but a far cry from ‘Hausu‘ or whatever the gold standard might be.…