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  • Border



    original, unpredictable, moving, well-acted, beautiful cinematography, incredible makeup… there isn't really any flaw with this movie. don't ask me why 4 - I myself don't know. its not much fun, I guess… it just feels like the right rating

  • Mary Queen of Scots

    Mary Queen of Scots


    a complete mess
    i could spend a whole day listing all the flaws this movie has: silly acting, deplorable pacing, confusing script, mediocre directing… quality-wise, this was actually a 1.5/5, not being less precisely due to the things it got nominated for: costume, hair and makeup. 
    nevertheless, i was unexpectedly entertained by this movie. the story was actually quite interesting (although I honestly doubt most things actually happened that way), and it only stopped being fun the moment I couldn't understand one single thing anymore. this movie could've been fascinating if its crew wasn't so sloppy

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  • Free Solo

    Free Solo


    I didn't think I would like this so much!! 
    it's so comforting to watch a good documentary after seeing hale county and of fathers and sons in a row.
    I believe there were two main things that made me enjoy this movie so much: the cinematography and characters (or subjects, whatever). 
    well, no one can deny how masterful this cinematography was. first of all, it should be hard as hell to film a man climbing up a mountain with the…

  • Mirai



    "If grandma hadn't let grandpa win that race, we wouldn't be here. Small things like that add up, into something greater than ourselves"

    beautiful and adorable though a bit repetitive and formula-made at times. either way, i'm so glad we have a good animated film category this year!! i missed good animation...
    p.s.: i seriously advise you watch out for the volume in this one and DON'T WEAR HEADPHONES! y'all have no idea how loud these kids can get