The Salesman

The Salesman ★★★½

definitely not a separation, but it's nice. 
little happens, and yet the movie manages to entertain the whole time. I was never bored, but I must admitit's kind of stretched out. watching his 2nd movie, I got to understand a bit of farhadi's style and I love it. the score-less perfectly-enacted realisticly-scripted scenes make the experience a lot more real and authentic. this movie isn't really much memorable, but I liked it a lot, nevertheless. I would've given it 4 stars if I didn't think it was misogynist. three things in this movie make me think so:
- the implied judgement on the prostitute
- rana's story being about how her husband is coping and dealing with it (don't get me wrong, he was a fantastic character, but rana deserved more attentiom than she got. it was her story)
- the attempt to make the viewer relate to the rapist. I mean, of course, he's a human. he's got rights. but it's not like he was getting a death sentence. he wasn't even going to prison, for Christ sake! he should be thankful they only wanted to tell his family. it's not like he doesn't deserve it. and most of all, there are more pressing issues to approach concerning rape in an Iranian movie…
anyway... that's debatable. still worth watching

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