Luke McCarthy

24 year old filmmaker and writer.
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Favorite films

  • Terrorizers
  • The Aviator's Wife
  • Body Double
  • Prince of Darkness

Recent activity

  • Heat

  • Jurassic World Dominion

  • The Tsugua Diaries

  • Pacifiction

Recent reviews

  • Pacifiction


    Some great textures, and the way Serra totally de-emphasises any sense of drama here is fascinating – pretty singular in that sense – but I think this is ultimately an empty object. Plodding and uninsightful. Not for me!

  • Nope


    "The cinematic image is not an objective one. In its pathological need to entertain, to thrill, to be sold to an audience, it must do violence to the reality of its subjects. Much like the cinema, Nope’s UFO is an object that eats up trauma and spits out anything fake. During its many violent abductions, we are forced to listen to the horrified screams of the people or animals that are swallowed by the craft.

    It seems to be no…

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