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  • WolfCop


    i wish i could unsee this

  • Army of Darkness

    Army of Darkness


    “Don’t fuck with me, I have the power of god, AND anime on my side!”

  • Joker



    y'all i'm really sorry to break this to you, but this was good

  • Evil Dead II

    Evil Dead II



  • The Evil Dead

    The Evil Dead


    if u looked up "most microbudget film" in the dictionary, there'd be an evil dead poster, but my GOD is this shit actually truly horrific and a rip roaring good time. i dry heaved at LEAST four times

  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    "Now we know we're all we've got."

    Lately, as I've become more and more ingrained in the sphere of all things film, I've been second guessing my opinions on a lot of the things i'm seeing this year, whether they're 2019 movies or movies I'm just seeing for the first time that are "must sees" that I'm supposed to "get". As with most things, this is a delicately balanced pendulum that can swing too far one way or the other,…

  • Freeway



    "why are you doing this?"
    "cause i'm pissed off and the whole world owes me."

    My dad has referenced this movie to me for, probably the last ten years, and I had never seen it or found it anywhere. I keep movies on my amazon prime watchlist and browse it sometimes to see which ones have been added to prime and yesterday I saw this one was and immediately watched it.

    Vanessa Lutz is a truly nasty piece of work,…

  • Between Two Ferns: The Movie

    Between Two Ferns: The Movie


    watching celebrities get roasted is never not FUCKING hilarious

  • Cabaret



    honestly, the choreography is astounding and wonderful, liza minelli's voice is stunning, and the direction and musical numbers are fantastic, but this isn't nearly as captivating as just watching a production of it. It doesn't lend itself to film very well and gets a little *whispers* boring. since i knew the original storyline i started skipping around to the musical numbers, sorry?

  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    this really was wonderfully intimate. it really does feel exactly like you're following this family and billi's struggle to reconcile the chinese and american parts of herself. not as altogether emotional as i thought it would be, but the few emotional parts stick the landing very well.

  • Con Air

    Con Air


    john malkovich is a national treasure that is all

  • The Shining

    The Shining


    i've forgotten how a) slow going this movie is with its build up and b) physical jack nicholson's acting is. holds up really well, although after reading the book, there are a few things i wish could've been included. i'm excited to see doctor sleep in a little less than 2 months (!!!) and see if it's more of a spiritual successor to the book or the movie.