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  • Gosford Park

    Gosford Park



    How in the hell is this so revered? Maybe I just can't appreciate pompous assholes blathering about nonsensical first world problems for two hours, but honestly...what was the point of this film?

    It's kind of a murder mystery...but the murder plot is underdeveloped and extremely anticlimactic.

    It's kind of a dialog film...but the dialog is neither smart nor interesting.

    It's sort of a character driven family drama....but none of the characters are well developed or particularly believable.

    This movie…

  • Kajillionaire




    I really wanted to LOVE Kajillionaire, but I ended up merely liking it. It oozes a weird style that I've come to love from anything Miranda July makes, but it never really goes anywhere I found ultimately interesting thematically.

    The set up is so good. We are introduced to an odd family that survives by scamming, stealing, and skimming their way through life. They live next door to a 'bubble factory' in a dilapidated office space filled with cubicles…

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  • Sonatine



    Sonatine starts out in familiar fashion and appears to be heading towards a standard Japanese Yakuza movie plot, then to my delight takes a left turn and winds up being so much more. Takeshi Kitano directs and stars as a gangster who grown tired of the gangster life, and life in general and this is where Sonatine shines...when it turns into a dream like depiction of one mans depression and tiredness with his life.

    Takeshi Kitano has never been better…

  • The Broken Circle Breakdown

    The Broken Circle Breakdown



    Well...shit. That was rough. Beautiful, but rough. Basically this is like Blue Valentine if you were to throw a child with terminal cancer into the already bleak and depressing picture. The experience of watching this is like getting a cinematic blow from a sledgehammer to the gut.

    This thing shattered me...I was broken by the end. To give a idea of how powerful and sad this film is...I watched this right after seeing 12 Years a Slave and this…