Chinatown ★★★★

It's a rare feat for a mystery/detective sort of film to keep me in suspense and in a state of constant speculation into the underlying mystery playing out...but Chinatown did just that.

This is one of my 'Damnit gotta watch more of these classics' selections. One of those films I'm ashamed to have not seen yet after putting off for years and years. Very glad to finally experience it now though. Jack Nicholson is great as a quick witted private detective, in a story gives you just enough to always be second guessing where you think things are heading.

I can't say this quite blew my socks off like it has for some people...there is no doubt that it was very well done and is a benchmark for the genre, but I found it a tad sluggish through the middle portion. The first and last 40 minutes or so though, are absolutely thrilling. This definitely lives up to it's reputation and is something everyone should probably see, even if on a personal level I wound up appreciating it more than enjoying it, as seems to be the case with some classic films.

In the end, I 'get' the praise and adoration of the film...and while I enjoyed it, I'd never mention it as a personal favorite unfortunately.

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