Victoria ★★★★

A two and a half hour movie done in a single take...I HAD to see this. Despite fears that this gimmick would override overshadow all other aspects of the film, I was very pleasantly surprised at just how well this works.

First off, this movie requires patience...the set up is a bit overly long and tedious, but if you just trust where the film is going you will be rewarded handsomely. Basically, Victoria is a crime thriller that allows you to experience it in this weird first hand almost documentary style way...due to the single take format. The experience of watching this is truly unique in that way. You are able to see the situation develop in real time and it lends some sort of empathy to how our protagonist gets into such a shit situation so fast.

Not going to talk too much about the plot, because I think it works best if you go in at least a little bit blind...but I highly recommend giving this one a shot. It's like a punch to the gut. Like if you took one of the Crank movies and had a German auteur remake it as a documentary style film. Really fascinating...