Three Colors: White

Three Colors: White ★★★★

The plot heavy narrative and underlying humorous tone came as a surprise but nevertheless I quickly found myself invested in Kieslowski's exploration of equality and whether or not it can ever truly exist. One character may get close to achieving his own equality, but at what sacrifice? Hasn’t he also tipped the scales and exploited someone else's disadvantages to plow his way towards equality in his own situation? Will there ever be balance?

Kieslowski’s film is packed with thought-provoking details and broader ideas beyond the scope of the male/female inequality depicted. Within this one broken relationship we also have symbols for social and economic inequality and even the inequality between nations. This central theme is handled in a broad and open way, giving root to interesting thoughts and great conversations once the film has concluded.

Once again the cinematography is gorgeous with another exceptional use of colour at its core. Performances are also excellent and stunning set design and a beautiful score hammer this film home, creating an incredible cinematic experience. White may not have been the powerhouse that Blue is, neither did it resonate with me as strongly but it definitely shouldn’t be overlooked in what is barreling towards becoming one of my favourite trilogies of all time.


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