Showgirls ★★★½

First watched this one in Slowik’s « Sex and Violence » class this semester and desperatly wanted to give it a rewatch. And yeah, still so incredibly underrated and still don’t understand at all why berkley got dropped by everyone after this.

if you understand that this is a hardcore satire of the entertainment business and its absuses, its treatment of women, and the corruption of power, than you’ll see how it’s absolute genius, but if you somehow think that this film takes itself seriously, you’ll misunderstand the whole point of the movie and absolutely hate it. 

the 3.5 stars are because the film obviously has its flaws which I could talk on and on about, but all in all, it’s just such a good example of how cinema can be used as a way to provide incredibly deep criticism to important issues still going on today - so deep and cut-throat that it can be almost so seemingly invisible to any simple passive viewer. So if you decide to give this one a watch, which I very highly recommend, you should go in keeping in mind that verhoeven meant for it to be a satire, even though things got a little out of control along the way. 

I don’t want to write much more about it because I feel like this is a film for which each viewer is going to have a very different interpretation and critique about it, both of which are super important for any proper constructive discussion about this movie, which I would be happy to have anytime, so I don’t want to influence or ruin any of that for anyone who hasn’t seen it. I personally liked it, so I happily hope you manage to understand it and enjoy it too.

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