Night of the Demon

Night of the Demon ★★★½

The demon appears in the first five minutes of the film (and then, sadly, doesn't reappear until the last five minutes), and it's incredibly fucking cool, and imaginatively realised despite the limitations of the era and presumably the budget. The rest of the film is wildly entertaining, featuring a huge variety of occult tropes – devil worshipping, ancient curses, spooky old books, even Stonehenge is involved somehow – and dodgy pseudo-medical practices such as hypnotism and injecting a traumatised demon victim with methamphetamine.

Screened as a double feature with Night of the Eagle, a great pairing not just because of the similar names but also because they both find terror in the existence of phenomena that can't be dismissed or explained away by reason or logic; in the inability to control situations or people with the tools of modern civilisation (or patriarchy if you will, as both films feature men frustrated by the credulity or intuition of women). I liked this more than Night of the Eagle because of its humour, cool-as-fuck monster and overall sheer entertainment value, but they're both pretty great.

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