Tenet ★★½

Cinema is back! Or at least, going to the cinema is back. Or at least, going to the cinema is back for a lucky few. This was the first film I'd seen in a cinema since Melbourne's lockdowns started in March and ended in mid-November, and so I was extremely predisposed to enjoying it. I said "cool!" out loud when a car started going backwards in the chase scene, and that's a pretty good indication of how I feel about the movie as a whole. The plot is incomprehensible, verging on nonsensical, Elizabeth Debicki's storyline in particular is dumb and bad, and it's hard to even make out what the characters are saying most of the time. But cars go fast (and backwards), guns go boom, explosions go boom, and it's honestly pretty fun even if you're only following enough of the story to have just figured out who the good guys and bad guys are.

Recommend watching this at the Astor if you're interested in hearing a sound system pushed to possibly dangerous levels.

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