Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★½

Really, really great until it pulls a Promising Young Woman-style kick-in-the-balls "how about this dose of realism motherfucker?" let-down of an ending, sputtering its way to a lame-ass non-confrontation and then just stopping, effectively deflating almost everything that came before it. Not sure what Richie thinks he's doing here but it feels like maybe he's trying to indict the audience for enjoying all this barbarism, showing us how revenge actually isn't that great after all, which ... ok, but from Ritchie? All those biblical intertitles and portentous score and we're left holding our limp dicks at the end. I want my five bucks back.

Josh Hartnett's looking fine af, shame we don't see all that much of him on screen.

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