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  • End of the Century

    End of the Century


    Tracing a chance sexual encounter between two gay men traveling in Barcelona who soon realize they met once two decades earlier, End of the Century is a thoughtful, subtle, charming story of love and lust and how they both change and linger with the passage of time, told in something like three and a half parts (though in a lean 84 minutes!). Impressive naturalistic performances and lovely photography obscure a certain forced quality in the storytelling and dialogue, which crops up particularly…

  • Monos



    Been pondering this one for a few days since I saw it. Monos is a caustic and violent tale of the titular band of child soldiers-in-training, the mysterious organization overseeing their progress, the American adult woman they've been entrusted with as a captive, and the conflicts both internal and external that ravage and ultimately unravel the group's fragile quasi-familial relationship. Alejandro Landes's direction is incredibly stylish and technically sharp, and achieves at first an impressive oneiric immersiveness as we learn…

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  • Pokémon Detective Pikachu

    Pokémon Detective Pikachu


    My boyfriend nabbed passes to an advance screening of this, and although I'm not the most Pokémon-literate person, I thought it might be cool to check it out. Ultimately, I think if you're a major Pokémon fan and/or have a lot of nostalgia for it, you'll probably have a better time with this than I did, but hey, it was fine. Very cute, quite enjoyably weird at times, though not really as fun as I wanted it to be—I think…

  • Booksmart



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Ahhh this was so much fun. Lost me for a couple bits in the middle (most notably the drug trip/doll scene tbh, which is normally the kind of thing I find a highlight), but for the most part it was just a whirlwind of hilarity with a lot of smart, savvy creative choices and superb performances, esp. from Kaitlyn Dever and Billie Lourd. 

    One half-baked quasi-critical thought: I spend next to no time around teenagers so this is maybe just…