Mur Murs

Mur Murs ★★★★

"Mur Murs" is a fantastically empathetic tribute to the artistry of the marginalized communities of the LA area. Much of it is spent simply looking over the excellent work of hundreds of street artists. The culmination of the emotion in this film is the sorrow of realizing that many of these beautiful murals have probably been painted over by now, around forty years later. More important than that, of course, is the amount of blood that was shed so that this art was necessary to produce. Most of the pieces shown are direct outcomes of the violence and injustice perpetrated against POC in particular. The film is very inspiring in this way.

In equal strides, the film shows how the art of mural-making, even back in its inception, was being co-opted for commercial/consumerist purposes. One tragic sequence shows a giant mural spanning several blocks worth of a factory, with no indication of the artists who painted it. Soon thereafter, an artist explains they received a grant of $150 for a mural which took five weeks to produce.

Another awesome aspect of this movie is its inspired soundtrack, comprised of the local sound of LA in 1980.