The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections ★★★★½

TW: Suicide

Love; Insipid, emotional, vulnerable, reckless.

No other emotion is as confusing, no other emotion is as liberating, no other emotion is as distinctly human.

Neo and Trinity are as powerful as they are because they are so deeply in love with each other that not even a system built to destroy the sentimentality of humanity can calm their burning, passionate fury.

Lana is, in a way, lovingly projecting her own struggles with identity, creativity, self-expression, grief, and freedom through Neo and Trinity's love. Their journey of self-discovery and expression, their tragedy and woes, their eventual solace and happiness are all from deep within Lana's soul. If you don't believe me, there is an incredible moment in the film where Bugs describes her first encounter with Neo and how he saved her life. They looked into eachother's eyes. It bears a striking and heartbreaking resemblance to Lana's suicide attempt, where she met the eyes of a man and how it stopped her from ending it all. It's eerie and hauntingly beautiful the way she expresses her feelings, her trauma, her joy through this world.

This film is so special because of how much it not only means in regards to the current state of the art world but for how much it acts as a coda of sorts to Lana's filmmaking legacy (although I do dearly hope she continues to make new work after this).

It's so sincere and honest in every single second of its existence. That can be off-putting or even scary to some, but it's so Lana to be confrontational; to wear your thoughts and emotions right on your sleeves. I have never seen a filmmaker so earnest, ever.

Lana is raging against the machine with more vengeance and exhilaration than ever.

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