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  • Talking Heads

    Talking Heads


    Something just lit up inside me.

    The realisation that we are all human. We all have similar wants and needs. We all feel.

    Whenever I feel down or I'm having one of those days where I am constantly searching for something unknown, I'm going to watch this.

  • La JetΓ©e

    La JetΓ©e


    I remain in a complete daze.

    I watched La JetΓ©e HERE.
    Soundtrack and live score composed by Dipolair- Absolutely BREATHTAKING. I really want to get this on vinyl- it would probably just blow my socks right off into oblivion.
    Narration by Jehan Paulo Udani who's voice just took me into another world, besides the film taking me away and the score :O

    I didn't know much about this short from Chris Marker so I realise that I NEED to watch the original, FULL SCREEN HD in all its glory. It definitely is a NEED.



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  • Cargo



    For me, zombies/ the world is ending/ post apocalypse movies are just the fucking best... and everything about Cargo ESPECIALLY Martin Freeman really went down well. Such a refreshing yet not too out there take on zombies.. and people... and people dying because of said zombies, THE UNDEAD. These dead hungry non-humans had gross goo coming from their crevices and that fucking rocked.

    I enjoyed the pace, the character relationships, the acting was flawless... (Simone Landers - who are you?…

  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    Vibrant with colour and bounding with energy.

    Interesting insight into an American with nothing special to give other than a flighty, precocious, loud little daughter, in which we follow about on this journey, The Florida Project . Adventuring into the depth of the forgotten people where money is scarce, the flat, plain landscape is abundant and the buildings are painted every pastel colour under the sun. So very intriguing.

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  • Carol



    What a masterpiece. Finally, FINALLY I fall onto this film. 

    It was harrowing, soft, bold, intense, poetic, chilling, pretty, beautiful, historically perfect, stylised to perfection, sensitive, charismatic, real, emotional, aesthetically pleasing...... I could go on & on. Describing words are my most prized possession when writing about a film that touched me in so many ways. 

    Cate Blanchett =



    My hearts about to fall out my chest. This was so fucking raw & beautiful.

  • Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

    Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond


    I don’t need to be held together, I’m fine just floating through space like Andy, flying 6000 miles an hour around the sun, balancing on tectonic plates that are floating on lava and ready for the end times to occur and whatever the hell is going to happen. I’m just great, that’s all great, that’s all great. 

    *adds Man on the Moon to my watchlist* 
    How come I haven’t seen it yet? I feel naive not knowing anything about Andy…