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  • Blind Vaysha

    Blind Vaysha


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "If you she chose to remove her left eye, that would mean that she would live forever in the future. In the future that scared her, it was dark and depressing. 
    Now if she removed her right eye, she could live in the past, which is always more certain and reassuring..."

    Vaysha could not be happy, neither in the past or the future."

    I'm speechless. The meaning behind this beautifully illustrated moving work of art is one of which…

  • Mary and Max

    Mary and Max


    Oh wow. Now this was a treat, such a scrummy, scrummy, scrumptious treat!

    The storyline, the animation, the stop motion, MARY & MAX, their friendship, the hilarious & genuine banter they had throughout the whole film.... the portrayal of depression, anxiety and mental health as a whole was so raw and wonderful, so honest & untouched, the way that life just takes you away from things & makes you wonder 'what if' scenarios.

    This film is a little masterpiece. It deserves an island all…

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  • The Nightingale

    The Nightingale


    I can't believe I forgot to log and review this.

  • Horse Girl

    Horse Girl


    Provoking an unsettling feeling inside. Thus,   triggers were firing off continuously.

    I’m also not sure if I finished to the closing second. The stream failed or I just clicked off and didn’t go back. I can’t work out if I liked this or it’s oddness was just a bit too much for me to cling to it. I’m drawn to original, eerie film so I may have to pay a revisit when I’m feeling less naive & impressionable


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  • Carol



    What a masterpiece. Finally, FINALLY I fall onto this film. 

    It was harrowing, soft, bold, intense, poetic, chilling, pretty, beautiful, historically perfect, stylised to perfection, sensitive, charismatic, real, emotional, aesthetically pleasing...... I could go on & on. Describing words are my most prized possession when writing about a film that touched me in so many ways. 

    Cate Blanchett =



    My hearts about to fall out my chest. This was so fucking raw & beautiful.

  • The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man


    "My life is full, because I know that I am loved"

    What a powerful quote from an extra powerful piece of film making. 

    I'm blown away by this. The feelings it envoked within me alone deserve 5 stars, respectively.

    Hopkins was absolutely impeccable. His eyes ...... oh my HIS EYES, his eyes on their own just portrayed such intensity & emotion. I felt glued to them & couldn't look away. I wanted to wrap my arms around them & hug them tight. 

    John Merrick was…