The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House ★★★★★

YAY!!! I appreciate Letterboxd even more when I see added one of short series to its listings!!! 

ESPECIALLY when it's such an amazing series that I happened to watch in a few days due to all the hype & positive vibes it was shouting out to the world!! 

YES YES YES - I had been waiting (totally patiently) for a series that allowed me to completely fall head over heals in love with- Haunting of Hill House did this for me without a doubt. Im a real sucker for a horror / thriller / drama / character driven premise so I delved right into this. 

Firstly, the mix between flashbacks & the present doesn't always go down well with me, but it was done so well here, the pace was pretty spot on- if not a tad slow at some points but even this gave off the vibe of intreige, which made me sit with my eyes and ears wide open. As for the horror scares - for me, it's the faces, the creation of the heart wrenching facial structures and the placement, movement of them... The tall man with the hat made me shit myself, hovering above the ground, searching every room in silence..... THIS is what I ask for in a good horror watch. This rarely happens these days- again, I wait patiently for such happenings!! 

The filming, the cinematography was so pleasing & engaged you untill the very last second. There's nothing left to say about this tbh, it was so satisfying to watch all the through. 

I also loved how each character was so different to the next too, with so much depth between them all. I felt myself feeling frustrated, excited, empathetic and in awe, all at the same time which to me- makes the experience so much more memorable!!!!  I loved each character in their own little ways. My favourite being Luke (or Theo- I can't decide) due to their inner struggles whilst still holding onto their will for something better. My least being Steven, mostly because of his ignorance which I, personally never engage with, buuutttttt.... His part of the story brought a balance (if you can call it that) to the understanding of the story :) 

Anyway....... I feel I've just babbled and left so much out of this chunk of writing but it really was a n interesting mix of  whirlwind of emotions. So much going on that really reallly worked in my opinion. 


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