• Rakka



    Why do I enjoy watching the world fall apart on screen so so much ?????!!!!!! Why am I so ironic???

  • Jungle Cruise

    Jungle Cruise


    Is it funny that I find Dwayne Johnson & Jack Whitehall almost as sexy as one another ???!!!!!! I would devour them each for their own unique traits. A dark Dwayne Johnson with a beard & Jack Whitehall with his geekery & odd presence…. Om nom nom 👀
    Emily Blunt slipping perfectly into the bad ass. Non conformist female lead! 

    OKAY…. SO …. this was so bad it was good. Terrible effects but a ton of  imagination (clearly taken from other films)  but hey…. It’s fun ! . Worth a watch if you’re a fan of DJ or JW. and probably EB too ☀️

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    “What are your favourite colour of eyes?”
    - “….purple” 

    Full of such young girl  innocent  energy yet also oozes strong, mature female energy all at once  ✨

  • Squid Game

    Squid Game


    FUCCCCKKKKKKKKKK. I don’t know what else to say right now but just wow. Concept genre at its FINEST. After the first game ‘Green Light Red Light’, I was hooked. 



    “You bet on the horses right?”
    “You people are like the horses”

  • Jacinta



    I get so much from the real life, no bullshit documentaries like Jacinta. Which im sure lots of people do too. Im a softie but I’ve always wondered why I go for the hard hitting, human full of demons story tellings….. probably 80% of the time at the moment when Im choosing something to fill my head with. I’ve always been like this. I feel these people, I see them. I want to help them fight those demons they so…

  • The Plague Dogs

    The Plague Dogs


    Amazing. Terrifying. Poignant. Beautiful. Shocking. Completely unique. A masterpiece.

  • Mayday



    I watched this because it sounded similar to series The Wilds which I absolutely adored. 

    I have no idea what happened here though, in any of it. Aside from the obvious woman being the powerful…   Despite stunning photography, visuals plus Mia Goth being at the centre- the whole film is pretty see through.

  • No Time to Die
  • Old



    I would love to know the reason why the adults in this film literally OVER acted here. It was genuinely like I was watching a spoof! 
    The relationships were unlikable to the point where they were unbearable to watch. I didn’t feel sad when any of them died off which i find really odd for me, because I’m a softie to the core !!

    Pretty interesting concept but it so camp (and not in a good way!). Although I can’t…

  • We Need to Do Something

    We Need to Do Something

    We Need to do Something is a film I wish I hadn’t given my time to. But also a film that will stay with you against your will. It’s rare I feel regret after seeing something. 
    Note : What is the title ‘WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING’ even referring to? Just no. 

    Unfortunately, it fell completely flat with unlikeable characters & lack of genuine substance.

    The positive - the bathroom was pretty, as well as some of the dreamy shots but that’s literally about it.

  • Penguin Bloom

    Penguin Bloom


    Naomi Watts is such a powerhouse. I couldn’t have thought of anyone better to share this story with the world through this beautifully emotional & inspirational re-telling of Sam Blooms life. 

    This film is bursting with heart warming moments between a family & Penguin, an orphaned Magpie they take in as part of the family. The eldest Noah had such a sweet nature about him, a great young actor in the making ! 

    I must say…. Andrew Lincoln with a full frame…

  • Crawl



    Edge of seat,  claustrophobia induced, dangerous *literal* bone breaking stuff. Effective in its presence that’s for sure.

    Also…. Doggo.