Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★★½

okay listen this movie is genuinely the best thing that has ever happened to me my life has improved by 400% since i watched it thanks to thomas stanley holland who played the love of my life aka peter benjamin parker so perfectly

literally from the way tom made those mf stunts look so effortless to the way peter was finally portrayed as an actual teenage boy who discovered that he had these bombass powers and didn't really know what to do with them it's just SO. FUCKING. GOOD.

there's a flawless mix of humour and drama and action and cute-ass moments my heart is So Full

shoutout to jacob batalon for being fucking hilarious and adorable as ned and to michael keaton for lowkey scaring me - not even cos he was the vulture, his eyebrows just give me the fear x

also rdj was amazing as usual cos tony stark is just a fuckin legend and zendaya - although she didn't even have a huge role - killed it. so buzzin to hopefully see her character develop more in the next two spider-man movies as tom so kindly accidentally confirmed there would be x

laura harrier is beautiful and i love that they brought liz from the comics and into the movie even if it's just for this one and jon watts did such a great job directing considering he's only directed three films prior to this.

the quote that made the movie: "i like bread" - Childish Gambino

bitch i love! spider-man! and! this! movie! so! much!

i'm bout to stop rambling and talking shite now bye x

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