2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

hi guys, gonna get a little deep and personal here so sorry about that in advance. 
for the past few months, my mental health has been at its worst, which was triggered by a shit time that i went through. and it’s just left behind all those feelings and worries but there’s nowhere for them to go now so they just go to wherever or whatever they can. today was probably one of the worst days i’ve had, mental health wise which isn’t great because it’s my 18th birthday tomorrow and i want to be feeling alright for that but hey what’s done is done. so i might not be watching as many films for a little while, just till i get my life back on track. 
anyway, this film means everything to me. absolutely everything. it’s infinite. it’s timeless. i notice and appreciate different things about it every time. i just love the lighting in pretty much the whole of the dawn of man sequence. and the stargate sequence is outstanding. 
in conclusion, love you guys and this film. thanks for sticking by me.

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