The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House ★★★★★

this was just outstanding. i wish i’d watched it sooner but because i didn’t like gerald’s game i was afraid i wouldn’t like it. HA. 
i genuinely cannot find a fault with this show. i think very occasionally the odd line sounds a little out of place but the writing is mainly incredible. i got attached to the characters SO quickly and was thinking about them the whole time. i was completely captivated by each episode. everybody gives incredible performances. episode 5 nearly had me literally sobbing and i was not expecting that ahhhhhh. another bit that nearly got me was *slight spoiler* when olivia said to the kids when i flash the porch light twice, come home AND SHE DID IM A MESS. episode 9 was my just outstanding too ohmygod i felt SO MUCH for olivia but i did pretty much all of the characters. 
also, the pacing was exquisite. i’ve not seen many horror series but this is hands down the best one i’ve seen. a masterclass in everything.

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