The Last Black Man in San Francisco

The Last Black Man in San Francisco ★★★★★

holy molyyyy this was incredible. even though there were times during this that i wasn’t fully engaged, it always brought me back. i know people tend to say it a lot but i’ve never seen anything like this at all. for some reason parts of it reminded me of the shawshank redemption, a film i adore. the city of san francisco is portrayed so beautifully here, especially with the stunning imagery. this film feels like it’s about many things; life, the past, relationships, society & people, craftsmanship & dedication, but for me the heart of it is friendship. jimmie & mont’s friendship feels so real and raw it’s incredible and leaps of the screen. two amazing performances from those guys.
this deserves a lot of hype but i’m sure it won’t get that. so please, just watch this. i really think it’s a future classic.

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