Mirror ★★★★★

My favorite type of literature as a teenager was stream of conscious. Walking through the alleys and streets with Mrs Dalloway, passing to others' thoughts and feelings with a chime of a clock or gust of wind, somehow all connecting together the tissue that ties us all through our varying experiences and backgrounds became fundamental for me to learn who I was as a person. It also just reflected so well how I viewed and perceived the world - in snippets, flashes, pieces of memories inter-spliced through the nostalgia and yearning for something else or more. I finally found it in cinematic form.

I can't lie and say that this film was easy to follow, the non-linear structure already makes that a more difficult task, but in particular going back and forth from subtitles to the images was a challenge because this film is so beautifully shot you can't pull your eyes away from the magic that is being presented on screen. This is truly one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen, if not the most beautiful.

I can't rate this film highly enough. Absolutely one of the most intrinsically human films I have ever seen and consider myself privileged for having been able to see it. 5 stars.

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