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  • Project X

    Project X


    Much of this movie resembles producer Todd Phillips' vile previous effort, The Hangover II, and Project X is perhaps more unsettling for its blatant theft of entire characters and dynamics (Oliver Cooper's character, Costa, is an unabashed rehashing of Jonah Hill's way funnier and more original Seth, and the former's relationship to this film's main protagonist, Thomas, is too similar to Seth's to Evan in Superbad -- and way more shallow) and for peddling the notion that high school popularity…

  • Prometheus



    If you are a fan of Alien -- and I don't mean simply as an entertainment, but as a pioneer of beguiling depth of narrative and characters over quantity of action set pieces and romantic subplots in high-budget genre films -- you will almost certainly feel the creative team behind this movie betrayed the movie's own roots. And if you're open to story devices that nearly contradict Alien's mythology, chief screenwriter Damon Lindelof seemingly went out of his way to…

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  • There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood


    Halfway through There Will Be Blood, spearhead capitalist Daniel Plainview's prize derrick explodes into an oil geyser and subsequently catches fire, painting the clear mid-afternoon desert sky with mammoth billows of pitch black smoke. It is surely one of the most imperiously dramatic images ever filmed, and it befits the picture's overall power better than any words ever could. Calling the movie a masterwork of cinema seems as severe an understatement as calling the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel simply a brilliant painting; this is a defining piece of American history.