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This review may contain spoilers.

I wanted to love it, I really did.
I went to see it with huge expectations but they vanished and became just simply ideas, because in the end that's what Deadpool 2 really is; good ideas that never get a real development.

Deadpool is a funny comic book character, yes he pretty much has always been like that and both the writers and Ryan Reynolds have understood it very well but unfortunately what initially works because it feels funny is used in an extreme and excessive way, that too soon for its own good, the character feels like a simple parody, instead of a true developed being.
Yes, the plot tries to give depth with Vanessa's death but what's the point when 5 minutes later he already seems to have forgotten everything to be able to say a joke in time?

The story of Deadpool 2 is too simple and it's not like I was expecting something deeper or dramatic but let's say that it felt quite rushed.

From the cast only Josh Brolin as Cable and Zazie Beetz as Domino manage to be more proactive for the story. The trailers showed X-Force but I'll just say they were a scam as big as Ben Kingsley playing The Mandarin, while Colossus, Negasonic and Dopinder repeat their same supporting roles.

The action is 10 times bigger and better than its predecessor but the CGI at times looks very bad, but definitively Deadpool 2 has better moments than the shooting on the highway of the first film, yet surprisingly, the final battle felt quite anticlimactic.

In summary Deadpool 2 is more of the same only than on a larger scale and that was disappointing.
It's still fun but the same joke doesn't work the same way twice.

If you loved the first one, you will love this one, but if you expected something more like me, Deadpool 2 was far from offering it.

By the way there is indeed a scene in the credits and it was quite worth it. Guaranteed laughter.

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