Gemini Man ★★


With the exception of the de-aging visual technique - which by the way is no longer innovative - Gemini Man is a terribly forgettable and predictable action film.

The script is flaccid, simplistic and inoperative. The dialogues are so laughable that any small attempt to make the experience something more serious disappears completely because you simply cannot get into the story and the film does nothing to try to interest you.

It's obvious that Will Smith was really interested in the project but it seems that the rest of those involved were not.
Not even Ang Lee, who delivers his weakest film since his hedious adaptation of the Hulk in 2003.

This is a film to watch on a weekend if you don't have better options or are looking for an overly simplified action story to burn some time.
People will hardly mention it when they talk about Will Smith's or Ang Lee's career.
You will hardly talk about it after seeing it, and no one will be talking about it in a couple of months.

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