Minari ★★★★


Minari is a modest story and it's also a modest film that talks about the American dream, family, marriage, the coming of age, and the illusion of making your own way with the hopes and illusions you have for a better life.

It's completely true that these are themes that have already been seen many times before, but this time it's explored through a South Korean family, and contrary to what you might want to believe, things are not the same.
After all we all experience things differently, and this is clearly a deeply personal story for its director.

The most pleasant thing of all, is that Minari never tries to be an emotionally manipulative drama.
We are witnesses - as we always are in films - but you're genuinely interested in its characters, at least I was, and the film does this without the need for embellishing situations or its narrative, and that naturalness is something that many directors find difficult to achieve.

Widely recommended.

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