Music ★½


There are several ideas here, that's undeniable, but where did those ideas wanted to go? I have no fucking clue.

I'm aware of the controversy this film has generated, and of the harsh criticism from its director - the pop singer; Sia- has received for her work, but since my knowledge about what autism implies is not deep, I will only judge based on what I saw, and what I saw is that Music is basically a really long and diverse music video, in which a drama story was introduced in the middle.

It's an ambitious attempt, but it becomes apparent too quickly that the director doesn't have the talent, or the experience, or the tact, much less the necessary and appropriate expertise to be able to carry out her story.

It was quite disappointing, but I must say that I invite people to see it and form your own opinion, even if it's just to trash it, because talking about it while saying that you will not see it, whether for some personal or impersonal reason, is simply an empty opinion without any real argument.

Especially those who are just rating it bad to decrease the rating. That's just fucking lame.

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