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This review may contain spoilers.

When you have such high expectations to meet, you will always leave some people dissatisfied, and that's what happened to Suicide Squad, on one hand, the expectations of seeing an acid, funny and dark film with relatively familiar characters but with the big additions of Joker, Harley Quinn and Deadshot, played by three famous names in Hollywood; Jared Leto, Margot Robbie and Will Smith. On the other hand, the expectations to overcome and repair the negative impact BVS had on DC/Warner's Cinematic Universe.

Did it make it? Well everybody will have an opinion on that, I personally think not and is another huge blow to Warner Bros. No doubt the film will have a good receiving at the box office but when the mouth to mouth begins, that's where the movie will face its biggest obstacle.

But what went wrong with Suicide Squad? Simple, they wanted to cover more of what they could handle. Warner is desperate to reach Marvel/Disney and they want to achieve in three years what they did in eight. If the films released were more interesting and more cohesive then maybe they could alter the leadership of their competition. But when you release a movie with the two most famous superheroes of the world and you aren't able to get a billion dollars at the box office and also you need to release a director's cut with additional 30 minutes, to make it better then you know that something really went wrong.

Suicide Squad tries to be innovative by putting the spotlight on the villains and turning them into heroes, they are not good guys but they are not really bad guys. Ok, they are murderers, but they are not the worst of the worst.
It all starts with the federal agent Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) trying to respond to the meta-human problem, her answer is Task Force X, a team in which criminals and other meta-humans will do some good. Without much preamble we are introduced to everyone on the team, it is clear who will receive more screen time and who won't. Deadshot and Harley Quinn's intros receive an extra plus because of the appearance of Ben Affleck as Batman himself.

But it's so early when the problems begin, first of all, everything feels overwhelming, the time is running and the director tries to make the story functional but it's clear that something is off.

Of the rest of the characters, the only one who gets to have a significant weight is El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) from then on the rest: Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney); Slipknot (Adam Beach); Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje); and Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), only serve to swell the film. There is also the leader of Task Force X, Colonel Rick Flag and Katana, his ninja bodyguard (Karen Fukuhara), who wields a magic samurai sword that keeps the souls of all those killed with it, but the two of them are also narrative devices and their fate does not seem to be as relevant in the plot.

But the performances are good? MMM, yes and no, Will Smith has charisma, I can't deny it, but his performance is a mixture of Hancock and Mike Lowrey, his character in Bad Boys, obviously they turned him into the biggest protagonist, after all is the most bankable name within the film.
Meanwhile, Jared Leto manages to create an imposing but too simplistic figure, he is not a Joker that frightens or that looks like a true psychopath and the style they gave him, like a gangster with all his bling bling, that makes him look ridiculous and I lose a little respect for the villain.
Margot Robbie on the other hand manages to really become Harley Quinn, her performance is one of the highlights of this movie, she is sweet, adorable, rude, violent and funny and she's also really beautiful, you can notice how much the cinematographer focus on her face her legs and her buttocks.
It is true that it's stated that she was an intelligent woman, after all, she was a psychiatrist and we watch her turned into the Joker's prostitute, dressing and behaving very provocatively, although this treatment is debatible in the light of Harley Quinn's story, which is a tragedy, Margot Robbie does not make her a victim and she takes over the character and as I said before, she becomes the most pleasant part of the film in general.
Viola Davis demonstrates her talent and even though she invests little, she makes of Amanda Waller an authentic villain who does what she has to do without showing any sort of remorse, even killing people.

The worst, involves Adam Beach as Slipknot who gets about 6 or 7 minutes on screen, only to die like a dog real quick. The other main issue and probably the biggest mistake of the movie, I mean Cara Delevingne. she plays the villain, and she's terrible at it. This woman is a model and I don't know what make her believe she was an actress, her perfomance is terrible and we only see a woman barely dress, dancing stupidly without being at any time a credible threat.

Once the film enters the threshold of the battles we see three to throughout the film and all them are too similar, besides the use of CGI at times looks really bad, also the conclusion is very long and although the film lasts 120 minutes it feels longer than that and that is because the final conflict has no real emotion and lacks wit and fun.

Suicide Squad will not break any paradigm and will not be memorable, it is true, but it is a film that may deserve the chance to be seen. Regardless of whether you are a comic book reader or a casual fanatic, after all these films are merely entertainment and somehow it succeeds on that regard, it is a disaster yes, but is a disaster that many could enjoy. Certainly it puts Warner into a predicament and forces them more than ever to put real effort and real changes into their productions. In eleven months they will have another hard test with one of their pillars, Wonder Woman, and they better get something really significant this time.

If you are looking to power off your brain for two hours, this movie it's an option, if you are not interested in the subject or the genre, stay away

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