The House

The House ★★★★


When animation gets to be for adults, it often tends to be ignored or get very little attention. I hate the misconception that the genre should only be exploited to great effect in children's and family films, yet this wonderfully creepy film definitely deserves the public's attention.

The House is an animated anthology that presents three different stories in different times and with different species as lead characters.
All focused on a narrative that involves the house that gives the film its title.

The first story is a gothic story, and perhaps the most horror inspired.
The second is more focused on discomfort and paranoia, while the third seems to be set in the distant future, after what appears to have been a massive flood.

Each story has its own strengths, weaknesses and soul, and most importantly of all, the three tales are consistent. Anthologies tend to fail badly in that regard.

I think this is one of the best projects Netflix has ever put money into, and amidst all the waste in their catalogue, this outstanding film should not be missed.

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