The Lighthouse ★★★★★

Took me a couple of days to cook up something for this cause DAMN! This is going to be the easiest 100 I’m going to give in a long time. 

The Lighthouse is a film that comfortably sits in its own league and its attention to story progression and atmosphere-building is dumbfounding; a true achievement. 

We follow two lighthouse keepers who after staying in the claustrophobic walls of a lighthouse secluded in the middle of the ocean for more than they would care to, slowly descend into a spiral of madness.

Dafoe and Pattinson deliver once in a lifetime kind of performances, and with such a challenging screenplay like this one, it is quintessential that the talent completely nails it to really give the film its gravity. The banters, the monologues, the comedic remarks - it is all impressive. 

My favorite thing about The Lighthouse though, is how Eggers crafts the mysterious and dislocating atmosphere - it’s like he’s been doing it for years and it is dumbfounding that this man is barely sinking his teeth into filmmaking. It is the kind of craft that has an audience member on edge throughout the entire runtime, there was not a moment I felt safe from this world that was expertly established. 

The film is not an obvious horror movie, yet it still packs some incredibly gnarly images that are engraved on my brain. The sound design is immaculate, and it plays a large role into developing that sense of fear that is ever present. The rhythmic buzzing of the lighthouse itself becoming part of the scene was a genius touch and I never felt safe.

The overall point of the film is not only to seclude and confuse the characters, but also the audience - and holy shit did it work. Toward the latter half of the film I could feel myself going insane along with the characters as the line between reality and fantasy blurred. 

Easily best movie of the year and I can’t see anything beating it. 

The Lighthouse - A masterful dissection of the human psyche and a terrifying look at a sequestered life of two people slowly descending into madness. With impeccable sound, direction and career-defining performances - The Lighthouse, just like it’s subject, is the light I needed in a sea of crushing waves. 100|Masterpiece. 

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