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  • Bed of the Dead

    Bed of the Dead



    Well, it may sound weird, but I am quite disappointed of this film. What I thought would be a funny and stupidly entertaining exploitation movie was a merely effortless b-movie which attempts to be serious with a haunted bed.

    This could have been a nice and funny satyrical horror flick. Nevertheless, it fails to do so with flat characters, continuity mistakes, and a kind of time travel I guess...

    Besides the several mistakes, the movie has got some nice…

  • Ugetsu



    Dang, this has been one of my favourite first watches in The year.
    I pushed the play button and then suddenly I was hypnotised by this film. The way Mizoguchi directs is so mesmerising. And the story, the story is marvelous.

    We see characters driven by pride, ambition and desire, and how those feelings can take us to do things we will later regret. And regret is a word that can exemplify the third act of the filme.

    At the end, The tragedies can't be solved unless you notice you're doing it wrong. But this is not the case...

  • Restless



    Man... Such a let down.

    At the beginning I thought this films would make it to my favourite list, but as the film went on it seemed further and further away.

    I can see why this movie gets a lot of hate. The main idea of confronting someone's death is pretty nice, but the movie becomes the mainstream coming-of-age film with the 'very deep meaning'.

    From annoying characters, relying on ghosts as a moral trigger, overellaborated dialogue, and so on,…