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  • Mirror
  • Days of Heaven
  • L'Argent
  • The Spirit of the Beehive

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  • Mechanical Principles

    Mechanical Principles

    this is sexy

  • Everyone Gets What They Don't Need

    Everyone Gets What They Don't Need

    [Watched without subs]

    I couldn't make much sense of it, let alone the synopsis says it is a surreal short, so... yeah.

    Second Królikiewicz short, with some interesting framing, editing and camera work just like The Dancing Hawk.

    There are around 3 different situations in the short that once juxtaposed one from another kind of make sense. The swimming at the beginning, the holocaust scenes and the possible war survivors in swimming therapy (I suppose). But still I don't get the whole picture.

    Anyways, it's good to some extent.

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  • The Spirit of the Beehive

    The Spirit of the Beehive


    I'm speechless.
    This is one of the most magical films I've ever seen. I'm still processing what I just saw.
    It's a shame Víctor Erice doesn't have a big filmography. I only need to watch the documentary El sol de membrillo and the various shorts he has done.

  • Limite



    Pure poetry. I'm anxious to watch this film again. It is so beautiful in so many ways I can't describe.