Harakiri ★★★★★

This world does not bend to sentimental tales

I avoided reading much about about it beforehand because I usually like to go blank into a film, fortunately this wasn’t the exception. 
For a movie from this era of Japanese cinema I expected a lot more action, however we get the traditional or custom way of storytelling of that specific period, I mean a non lineal storyline and flashbacks. 
To whatch a film about a traditional topic like this one, being from a time where you had pieces like Rashomonnor Seven Samurai, it was a pleasant surprise to experience the frames and shots that Kobayashi dated to explore. Some of the techniques and styles can  be called avant-garde and even be compared to some of the nouvelle vague. 
The mise en scène in the forecourt was simply beautiful to watch. 
A perfect plot with deep and well structured characters, played by skilled performers  make for a masterpiece in Asian cinema and cinema in general.