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  • All the Money in the World

    All the Money in the World


    The best last minute change of an actor, Spacey to Plummer, since Eric Stoltz to Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future.

  • The Greatest Showman

    The Greatest Showman


    There was a missed opportunity here. Whilst it had great talent, music, costume design, and an overall aura that feels like an extravaganza- it still manages to fall short. 
    The film can be described as a series of single moments of brilliance, when the film really utilized the musical aspects- it really presents these visually stunning scenes yet, outside of those moments, this is a very spotty film with an incoherent narrative. The film seems to jump from scene to…

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  • Deadpool



    This movie is basically the world's most violent and vulgar Bugs Bunny cartoon! Bring on the Chimichangas!!
    It's hilarious, fun, raunchy, daring, outrageous, vulgar, twisted- almost anything you can think you wouldn't see in a comic book movie- Except in Deadpool! Defiantly not for kids! (we need more R-rated superheroes)
    Ryan Reynolds works as Deadpool in the same manner as Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man- he's already half the character he's playing.
    It's story is small scoped but works,…

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    Yeah- this was a mindfuck for the ages..