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  • Dune



    Reminds me of The Fellowship of the Ring in a lot of ways. It similarly offers a thrilling, nuanced film that rises above the cheap, pointless genre it was made in (fantasy and sci-fi/space opera).

    Visually, it's stunning. But while great cinematography is expected from Villeneuve, what's more surprising is its insanely good use of a combination of practical effects and CGI. While the film is full of CGI, it is done in such a way that I think the…




    One thing I hate about Folk Filmmakers is that they seem extremely egocentric and refuse criticism of their work because they believe their work is inherently superior to or worth more than more traditionally produced films because they manage to make it outside of the Hollywood system, and this film entirely centers around this aspect of Folk Filmmaking. The fact that you can make films with no budget is an incredible thing, Dan, but that doesn't make everything you make high art, more "pure" or beyond criticism, and hating on other artists for succeeding in the traditional system doesn't make you cool