Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four


There is no Victor, only Doom!

When I read some of the other reviews, I thought, surely it can't be that bad? WELL IT WAS.

This was an embarrassment, even the 2005 and 2007 adaptations weren't brilliant but they at least had certain things going for them, THIS HAD NOTHING. I genuinely can't think of one redeemable quality.

Did anyone from the studios actually sit down and watch the final edit? The characters and performances were stale, the sets looked as though they were designed by art school drop-outs, I hated the costumes worn by the Fantastic Four and Victor, the cinematography and VFX were horrendous (especially considering it was made in 2015 on a healthy £100m budget) and the storyline was just one massive tumbleweed. No joke, you had to wait an hour for anything remotely interesting to happen, where was the action?

Also, where the hell was the scene where The Thing jumped out of the plane?

Avoid at all costs, I spent £2 getting this on secondhand bluray, I want a refund.

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