Malignant ★★★★★

Malignant is a film I went into with pretty mediocre expectations. I knew that quite a phew friends quite liked it (Stephen, Zebra, and Jack, I'm talking about you guys) and that it had some incorporated giallo themes, but overall it just did not look like my thing. Boy was I wrong. Malignant is almost 2 hours of pure insanity and I loved it. The camera work in it is phenomenal, with one shot in particular being one of the best I've seen in any movie. In a decade full of reboots and sequels, Malignant is a breath of fresh air full of new and exciting ideas from a filmmaker who truly loves his craft. Gabriel is a perfect antagonist, and without saying what happens the last twenty minutes are complete wacko. So yeah I loved Malignant and absolutely can not wait to watch it over and over again.

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