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  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2


    I’m amazed this movie was made.

    This movie is so bad that it’s funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time. It’s not really all that scary in fact I think they were trying to be funny, for some odd reason. 

    The crazy cannibal family is back and they were the best part of the movie. Their performances were so funny and kept me very entertained. 

    Believe it or not, this movie is by the same director, which blows my…

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an iconic horror movie. Throughout the whole movie it has a very eerie tone that is just helped even more by it’s disturbing imagery and themes. The movie was originally supposed to be PG, so a lot of the violence in the film is off screen. Which in my opinion makes it more disturbing. Fear of the unknown.

    The sound design and score is excellent. This is shown perfectly in one of the chase scenes.