Sleepaway Camp ★★★★

This was one slasher I have been waiting to watch for years. And, after finally getting my hands on the trilogy, I delved in.

With our lead girl Angela, who, let us face it is more than a little disturbed, and quite creepy, we are thrust into a quite miserable camp experience. In many senses, it was quite reminiscent of 'Carrie', as being a coming-of-age film featuring an awkward shy teenager.

Felissa Rose was a breath of fresh air on the sub-genre, bringing a new quality of innocence and naivety to the roll. We are seeing what starts out as quite usual teenage experiences through her, at first, rose tinted sunglasses. This quite quickly turns to a view through blood-drenched tears.

Let's face it though, the whole film is a build up to one of horrors biggest twists. It was a twist I was waiting the entire film for, and it still took me by surprise, and was completely shocking. What Angela has in store for you in the dying moments of the film is nerve shredding and very violent. The look of abject horror on her face burning into our memories as the credits roll down slowly and bleakly.

In many ways it is slow and cumbersome, but in all honesty, it is a rare moment of brilliance in an ending. Hats off Robert Hiltzik, hats off.

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