The Devil's Hand ★½

A surprisingly busy Monday night shift, coupled with the fact I have already watched all of the football highlights from the weekend, mean that a B-Movie is the order of the night. 'The Devil's Hand' is the latest in the Drive In boxset, and one of the better, so far.

With a Devil worshipping cult, complete with human sacrifices (in the form of, as described; 'Russian Roulette'), seductive witches and insane puppet makers. This film was a no-brainer success story. It was easy to follow, easy to enjoy.

It did have some brilliant B-Movie moments too, with the opening free-style jazz score, that can only be described as funk-ay. The Russian Roulette segment also had it's gaff; the tape coiled around the pole used to spin the swords made it look like a barber shop candy stick.