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  • Downton Abbey: The Finale

    Downton Abbey: The Finale

    Only real unsatisfying bit is the Mary/Henry relationship. Her chemistry with Dan Stevens was lightning in a bottle; any future suitors would have paled in comparison, but it’s like they didn’t even try. (Branson was right there!) Otherwise, a pleasant, appropriately low-stakes send off for these problematic faves. Glad to finally watch the second half of this series after all these years. (What was with that CG ending shot, though?)

  • Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

    Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace


    Scattered thoughts:

    - Theory: the historic backlash to this one wasn’t because the movie was especially bad, or even because it was especially bad for a Star Wars film; it was because movies hadn’t really been bad in this way before. Lots of ambitious failures in years past, of course, but none of them leveraging the volatile magic of CGI so wantonly. Star Wars fans were face to face with something they’d never seen before, something strange and uncanny and lavishly…

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  • Cuck


    Donald Trump’s name is never uttered in Cuck. His likeness is briefly featured, but the man himself is only ever referred to once, and only in the abstract: “our president”. His presence registers with all the weight of an off-brand “Combover Leader” Halloween mask. Barack Obama gets a similar silent treatment, although he’s at least afforded a freakishly anachronistic “Obummer” epithet. This is what we call a “small victory”.

    Cuck is the type of movie where the main character watches…

  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade

    haven't seen this yet but when Elsie Fisher mentioned Letterboxd on Jimmy Kimmel exactly one person in the audience went "woo!" and I just want to know which one of you fuckers it was