Hooptober Se7en: Love in the Time of Sequelitis

My favorite time of year returns! Confession time: I have a private list called "Hoop-Tober grab bag" where I've been stockpiling horror movies all year, waiting eagerly for the time when I can finally watch them…and only 13 of them made it into the final list. Not that I'm complaining! When else would I get a chance to watch the likes of Rasputin: The Mad Monk or Ju-on: The Curse 2? Never. Never is when.

I gave myself a pretty astronomical amount of homework for this one—of the nine sequels on my list, I've only seen four of the originals. And I'm not making nearly as much of a dent in my Blu-ray collection as I did with last year's list, so that'll likely mean even more screen time. But I'll never say no to watching more horror movies, especially as part of this hallowed month and a half. Thanks once again, Cinemonster. You're a gift to this site.